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Signature – Durian

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4.5 litre 6 littre food service signature

Classic – Durian

Known as the king of the fruits, our durian ice cream is made from real durian and has become one of our signature flavours.

4.5 litre 6 littre classic food service

Pint Durian

Good news… we have put some of your favorite fruits into our ice cream! This means that you can find real fruit bits in our tropical flavours! With fruit bits abound, we bring to you fruit ice cream in its most authentic form. Net Weight 235 g Volume 473 ml


4oz Cup Durian

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4oz Cups

Frutesia Durian

Tropical, authentic flavours of the East, with a signature creamy, coconut base. Nostalgic, childhood favourites that come in Blackbean, Taro, Durian and Tropicana.