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Favourite Ice Cream Flavours in Singapore

Mingo Ice cream is passionate in creating multitude and creative ice cream flavours in Singapore. Explore all of our delicious ice cream flavours: be it the classic ice cream flavours such as the chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream flavours, or our more exclusive ice cream flavours like the Durian ice cream and Lychee Sherbet ice cream flavours. We look into the likes and dislikes of kids around the world, and further enhance based on our findings. At time, Mingo Ice Cream pushes the boundaries to challenge taste buds, in creation of sassy ice cream flavours. Be indulged in our wide selection of ice cream flavours, which include the popular chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mango, green tea, sweet corn and many more! Be dazzled with our delicious ice cream creations. Whether if you are a fan of chocolate flavour sensations, or you are in the mood for tropical fruits flavour we have you well covered. Mingo Ice Cream is created with high quality skim milk to ensure a smooth texture that melts in your mouth. We ensure that all ice creams flavours will be a delight in every bite. Have a look at our ice cream flavours selection above, and find out more by clicking on them, have fun!

Chocolate Flavoured Ice Cream - The No. 1 Favourite Ice Cream Flavour

During your next visit to Singapore, you may want to visit some of our trendiest ice cream parlors scattered around the city to sample some of our mouth-watering range of ice cream flavours. We pride ourselves in creating a multitude ice cream flavours in both strawberry flavour and vanilla flavour that will leave you asking for more helpings. We have studied chocolate tastes of children and adults around the world, and have developed some stunning ice cream recipes that are guaranteed to push the boundaries in challenging your sense of taste, by arousing your sassy taste buds and indulging yourself with the ever popular mango, vanilla, strawberry, sweet corn and green tea variations.

Let our Chocolate flavoured ice creams form an unforgettable experience in your trip. Whether you love plain chocolate flavour sensations or are in the mood for exotic tropical fruits flavours, we have a dazzling array of ice cream flavours that you will not rest until you tell your friends. And your friends will devour them ravenously. All our chocolates are made with high-quality skim milk that ensures a great texture that simply melts in your mouth. We guarantee every bite to be a sensational bite that will bring an impressive taste and charming smile on your face.

Check out all our dominant ice cream flavours above and welcome to click on each one of them that suits your fancy. Enjoy and have fun in Singapore!

Popular Ice Cream Flavours in Singapore

There are many ice cream flavours that you get in Singapore. However, none of those ice cream flavours can match the flavours created by Mingo ice cream. Mingo ice cream produces some of the most favourite ice cream flavours including the most common vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream flavours. It also goes outside the boundary to create sassy ice cream flavours. Other ice cream flavours that you will get and enjoy a lot include strawberry, green tea, mango, sweet corn, taro, tropicana, sweet corn, tutti fruity, mocha, mocha chip, raspberry swirl, blue berry ripple, coconut, durian and many more. The good thing about these ice cream flavours is that they are produced using fresh and real ingredients and this is why these ice cream are the choice of many people. You will get chocolate flavoured sensations and also get other ice cream flavours made from real tropical fruits. Theses ice cream are made of high quality skim milk to give that smooth texture that makes them to just melt in the mouth.

All what you can be assured that every bite of each of these ice cream flavours will give you that sensational feeling that you cannot get from other ice cream brands. Our ice cream has an impressive taste that will just make you have a great smile on your face. All these ice cream flavours are created with the likes and dislikes of people at hand. This ensures that no ice cream flavour that does not match the desire of the people is produced. Thorough market research has already been conducted and this is what has made Mingo ice cream the choice of people around the world because the ice cream is just amazing.

To ensure that you get the best, all you have to do is to choose your favourite ice cream flavour and you will just be dazzled by the stunning recipes and taste. You will just be spoilt of choice of the different ice cream flavours and it will not be a mistake to try different ones.