The Mingo Island

Your Preffered Singapore's Ice Cream Brands"

The Mingo Island is a fun representation over our ice cream range at Mingo. We try our best to innovate our ice creams in different ways. One of them is to carry more brands, and ranges to meet different taste profiles. Our most popular and favorite ice cream brands include Oasis, Fruttega, Fruitesia, Impact and Rokka. These ice cream ranges are cleverly designed, and produced with fresh ingredients to ensure delight at every bite at our ice cream. Just to introduce you to some of our ranges, Frutegga ice creams are our take on delicious and healthy fruit popsicles made with real fruits. They make the perfect after meal snacks for the healthy ones because they pack nutrition from fruits and contain zero fat. Another popular range, the “Mingo so Fresh” is 100% pure premium fresh milk, additive free. With our breakthrough in packaging technology, our Mingo milk is tightly sealed to deliver the best milk in all possible ways, and the most sustainable way we could attain. With the perfect amount of fat and protein, “Mingo so Fresh” is the choice to go for cafes and baristas to brew their perfect cup. Oasis is another ice cream brand from Mingo, a popular favourite among kids. We integrate the favourite flavours like lemon, cola, orange and nomyen into quality Popsicle for a refreshing treat. “Impact” on the other hand, is a must try for chocolate lovers. We went through rounds and rounds of combination to get the perfect one. “Impact” is an ice cream coated with rich chocolate and chunky peanuts. Mingo ice cream will continue expand our ice cream range in creative ways. Stay tuned with us for the latest ice cream updates!