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Mingo Cups

Popular flavours in delightful paper cups


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Fancy a coconut ice cream or a strawberry ice cream when you are on the road? Mingo Ice Cream comes in paper cups for your convenience. Mingo Cups are our take of popular flavours packaged in delightful paper cups. These are quality ice creams, carefully packed in paper cups to serve a happy family! They come in different popular flavours like green tea, strawberry, coconut, chocolate, chocolate chips etc. Our coconut ice cream and strawberry ice cream are made from real fruits, be ready to taste the creamy and refreshing experience! Mingo cups are also available in “Supermingo” size, specially designed for mini servings. We are dedicated in using only fresh ingredients in making delicious Mingo Cups, to make it as enticing as the real deal! Mingo Cups are guaranteed to be the best ice dessert. Enjoy our Mingo cups ice creams in handy delightful paper cups!

Coconut Ice Cream – People’s Favourite

Mingo’s coconut ice cream is silky smooth and very delicious with an amazing coconut taste that will keep you yearning for more. This type of ice cream is all time popular crunch that is popularly taken during hiking, camping or just in a walk. With its amazing taste and flavour, it will make your adventure more than going on an adventure but also enjoyable and interesting.

Coconut ice cream is versatile and is therefore suitable for all occasions. Whether going out on a mountain adventure, or out in the sandy beach, it will be the best refreshment ever. Coconut milk is a special ingredient used to make this ice cream where it is blended together with maple syrup to give it the sweet and smooth taste. It is advisable to chill the coconut milk in the refrigerator before blending it in order to come up with good results.

Coconut ice cream has the best taste and aroma and its tempting colour will make everybody yearn for it. Mingo coconut ice cream is available in all ice cream shops across Singapore. Grab one today and enjoy tasty ice cream ever.