That’s why we have developed our ice cream by using quality ingredients such as real fruit and only quality milk solids.

Mingo Ice Cream Making Process

The History of Mingo Ice Cream

“Bringing a world of joy and fun since our humble beginnings in 2009”

Mingo Ice Cream has started our ice cream voyage since year 2009, and continues to seek for flavourful adventures. Although our beginnings were humble, we are well known for our take in traditional Thai ice cream recipes for our Asian dessert ice cream ranges. These recipes were originally developed by our Executive Vice President, Jirasak Vongsuwan three decades ago. It is a unique recipe well received across Asia, and Mingo has further enhanced by integrating modern flavours into the recipe. However, we have insisted in using only fresh coconuts and real fruits in our ice cream to ensure quality and flavourful ice creams. But let’s not forget the arduous hush-hush process we use to make these delicious ice creams. Mingo Ice Cream is never established by a bunch of suited up business people, but rather a bunch of kids whom sincerely appreciates and enjoy ice creams. With that intent, we at Mingo delivers delight at every bite.

We are passionate in every tub, cup or stick of ice cream we deliver. We have improved beyond boundaries, in different ways. Our most popular and favorite ice cream brands include Oasis, Fruttega, Fruitesia, Impact, Rokka and growing. We have expanded our choice of flavours to more than 50 flavours to choose from. We have expanded across continents, so you can now find Mingo Ice Cream as different ice cream brands and entity like Rokka, Oasis and Fruitesia in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and parts of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and China. We hope to bring joy and laughter through our ice creams to each and every one who adores the ice delicacy through Mingo Ice cream. To find out more about Mingo, or our products, please browse through our website as you will discover endless possibilities in ice creams.